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One of the prime M&A activities of HEIBAPOWER is to agglomerate industrial and manufacturing businesses worldwide and we are proud to have few small manufacturing facilities rollup under our belt.

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Industrial businesses
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Steel Fab

If you own steel fabrication shop providing steel fabricated products to commercial clients and you are ready to retire, contact us.

Shipyard Maintenance

If you own shipyard, Yacht manufacturing, boat or marine maintenance and repair shop, and you are ready to retire and looking to sell your business, contact us.

CNC Operation

If you own and operate CNC machinery business with complete design and fabrication package, we are interested to talk to you. Contact us.

Factory with Machinery

If you own and operate any industrial facility producing products and materials either to consumer or B2B, and ready to retire, contact us.
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Our Clients Reviews

“I witnessed myself the planning, the ordering of materials, and the flawless execution of those professional who worked like in military style. I pouched for HEIBAPOWER and its associates.”
Loren B. Wood


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We are reaching the final stage in our due diligence to agglomerate two mines, one in the Middle East and another in North Africa where not only silica sand, but ziron sand and other rare earth metals, will be produced in large quantities to support our global industrial customers. We currently are working with the respective owners to supply ongoing contracts and the owners are expected to continue on the job for a transitional period of 6 month.


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Over 17 years experience and knowledge international standards, technologicaly changes our systems.

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