About Our

Oil Company

  • Heibapower is involved in many aspects of the oil and gas sector. The company provides oil and gas trading service. The company owns assets and have partnership with several oilfield service providers in Egypt, and in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is currently pursuing M&A prospects in the area of oilfield service provision in many oil & gas producing states such as Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, among others.

A Full Service

Our professional team can provide One-Stop-Shop, meaning that our team can cater its services in accordance with the client’s demand. Whether it is an idea on the whiteboard or a half-finished product or service we stay on it until complete satisfaction by the client.


Our project delivery is accurate and timely with high quality. We take pride in deliver our products, projects, and services on time and in accordance with our client’s expectations. We have the best professional team in the industry and you should not expect any less.


Unlike other companies that develop a project for you then left you hanging by yourself post-delivery, we stand by our clients as long as they need us. We provide maintenance plan post-delivery to ensure durability and functionality as long as you want to be.


Our Mission

  • While the company is sector-agnostic, our mission is to grow beyond our current capabilities and use our talents and expertise to benefit our partners, employees, and our customers in whichever sector we operate across the globe. We intend to expand vertically and horizontally while agglomerating businesses to exit at higher multiples than when we started.
Affiliated specialist, licensed, certified, and insured in many sectors
From small to medium and large project successfully completed by our team
We have been around for a while with steady growth


How We Work

Organizational Management

Our strong organizational management form teams to support clients in accordance with the need.

Focus Energy and Resources

The highly professional team defines the execution plan with focused energy and minimum efficient resources.

Developing Critical Elements

The team executes the critical elements of the plan and consult with the client to ensure successful end results.

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